Red Team Shield (RTS) core and main market differentiator is an ever evolving red team practice based on understanding and simulating the mindset, capabilities and progression of malicious sUAS actors.

Red Teaming solutions

  • Test and evaluate drone defense systems (C-sUAS).
  • Evolving simulation of malicious attack scenarios.
  • Use of drones tailor-made for each exercise and piloted by experts.
  • Periodical penetration testing.
  • Surprise penetration tests.

Consultancy services

  • Collaborate in the development of C-UAS systems.
  • Risk assessment for critical infrastructures (airports, power plants‚Ķ) as well as for public and private buildings and military installations.
  • Development of tailored defense methodologies and market standards.
  • Train and educate security personnel.

Other services

In addition to red teaming and consultancy services, Red Team Shield offers tailor-made services, both related to drone construction and threat intelligence. For more information, please use our contact form.


We have the most complete and varied catalogue of weaponized and sUAS commercial drones to offer our customers all the possibilities. This allows us to carry out exercises and plan scenarios of very different types adapted to the needs of each client.

Possibilities that range from standard exercises with pre-established flight routes to very complex tactical scenarios in which we use different types of drones acting in a coordinated manner from different avenues of approach and with different speeds and flight heights.

To make this possible, we have more than fifty different drone models, both fixed and rotary wing, built by the best specialists and with the sole function of enabling credible scenario planning.