Weaponized commercial drones are a real threat that has already materialised. Red Team Shield (RTS) is a group of industry veterans from different disciplines who came together to protect our society through innovation and active mitigation.

We are a company that seeks a new approach to sUAS defence based on a holistic view.

RTS core and main market differentiator is an ever evolving red team practice based on understanding and simulating the mindset, capabilities and progression of malicious sUAS actors.


Juan Luis Chulilla. Co-founder and CEO

Juan is leading our vision and drones domain, besides being our business leader. Juan is an expert on Commercial Drone Weaponization, consulting to the  European Defense Agency and Spanish Joint Staff.

Pilar Azagra, Co-founder and COO

Pilar leads our intelligence research, while running our operations and  making things happen according to plans. She carries 15 years of experience in red team research and executed large scale projects including Fortune 500 enterprise.

Dario U. Estrin, CTO

Dario holds the reins of our product and engineering besides our  organization building. He is an Israeli military intelligence veteran having spent over 25 years building startups, products and organizations from inception to IPO.

Fernando Maza, CFO and Business Development

Fernando leads our finances and business development. He brings with him 30 years of experience managing multi million euros complex development projects, budgets, negotiations and negotiations. 

Alejandro Mill√°n, CRO (Chief Regulation)

Alejandro is responsible for our compliance and regulation protocols as well as customer relations. Alejandro combines deep expertise in unmanned military aviation with 12 years of experience in compliance and regulations applied to industrial production.