Critical infrastructure such as ports, airports or power plants are inherently vulnerable to attacks by increasingly common commercial lethal drones. This reality poses significant risks to the functioning of states, which must be able to mitigate the threat to some of their critical assets. The same is true for government buildings or those intended to host large volumes of people, such as sports stadiums.

Red Team Shield (RTS) can provide expertise in testing their performance and suitability to an evolving threat by conducting test flights with different types of UAS. Once the exercises are completed, our team can certify the level of protection of your system or make recommendations to help improve your ability to deal with an evolving threat.


Given the impossibility of controlling access to components and the fact that lethalised commercial drones can be assembled with minimal knowledge, they have become a potentially dangerous asset in the case of terrorist organisations and lone wolves.

Mass events, be they sporting, cultural or other events, public buildings and other targets are more than ever within the reach of malicious actors equipped with commercial lethalised drones.

Red Team Shield (RTS), thanks to its unique approach to C-UAS defence, can collaborate with governments and institutions not only to pre-empt this threat, but also to simulate any type of attack that may be carried out. In this way, we help certify that C-UAS systems and plans correspond to the reality of a rapidly evolving threat.


Private companies, especially those in the energy and power sector, are increasingly targeted by malicious actors armed with lethal commercial drones and other sUAS. Telecommunications companies or cloud-based data storage are also increasingly likely to be affected by the action of such drones. Moreover, it is not only the most sensitive facilities, such as storage and distribution networks or data centres, that are under threat, but this vulnerability extends to secondary facilities and even offices.

Red Team Shield can not only advise on the possibilities for mitigating this new threat, but also conduct drills and tests of systems and assist in developing ad hoc defence plans.


The war in Ukraine has demonstrated the vulnerability of armed forces to weaponised commercial drones and other types of sUAS. Their unparalleled cost-effectiveness and the possibility of mass-producing them even with limited resources, foresee a future where their use will be even greater, if possible.

So far, despite notable investments, the C-UAS means tested in combat have shown limited effectiveness, largely due to an inadequate approach when conducting tests to assess their capability.

Red Team Shield, thanks to its ever-growing catalogue of weaponised commercial drones, its expert knowledge, and its continuous analysis of tactics used on the battlefield, can provide both the Armed Forces and C-UAS system manufacturers with the tools they lack for simulating realistic scenarios and preparing to face state-of-the-art systems.